Mosaic of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin – Germany (Kaiser‐Wilhelm‐Gedächtniskirche)

Restoration-Conservation of Mosaic Fragments in the Old Tower of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is one of Berlin’s architecturally and historically significant buildings. Heavily damaged in World War II, the preserved ruins of the old church tower, along with the new building of the memorial church from 1961, stand as a monument against war and violence, symbolizing the city.

During the renovation of the ruin tower (2012-2014), the remains of the intricately crafted glass mosaics were secured and conserved for the first time. In addition to the almost completely preserved mosaics in the tower’s entrance hall, the few fragments on the tower facade are valuable details of the monument. The recent renovation of the tower gave appropriate importance to the protection and preservation of these mosaics.

The goal was to secure the fragile mosaics, at risk of loss, for long-term protection. For this purpose, a total of 4 conservation campaigns were carried out between 2009 and 2014. The execution of the conservation measures on the mosaic surfaces followed the restoration concept developed in 2009 by Jörg Breitenfeldt and the Berlin architecture office BASD – Gerhard Schlotter, particularly with the project-leading architect Gerhard Schlotter and the long-term construction supervisors, architects Raphael Abrell and Jörg Körner.

Location: Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church | Breitscheidplatz | 10789 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Client: Foundation “Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church”, Lietzenburger Straße 39, 10789 Berlin

Planning and construction management: BASD – Gerhard Schlotter, Architects

Restoration concept and execution of conservation work on the mosaics by Jörg Breitenfeld (Chief Restorer and Project Manager for Restoration), Uwe de Maiziere, Michael König, Tina Gramsdorff, Ivo Müller

Implementation period: 2009 – 2014