Archaeological excavation in Sechín Bajo, Casma, Peru

Development of Restoration and Consolidation Methods for Loam-Made Structural Finds at the Sechín Bajo Excavation, Casma, Peru


Since 2003, this research project has been funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) under the leadership of Dr. Peter Fuchs. The project aims to investigate the conditions under which monumental building complexes in the Casma Valley were created, clarify the function of the site, define construction phases, provide precise measurements, and date the structures.

Involvement of Jörg Breitenfeldt

Development of restoration and consolidation methods for the excavated loam-made structural finds at the Sechín Bajo dig in Casma, Peru. Conservational studies were conducted, which provided insights into ancient craftsmanship and processing techniques, forming the basis for preservation measures.

Time Period


Project Sponsor

Dr. Peter R. Fuchs, Free University of Berlin, Latin America Institute (LAI) Berlin, and German Research Foundation (DFG)