Ermeler-Haus in Berlin, Germany

Facade of the Ermeler House in Berlin-Mitte, Germany

In-Depth Monument Preservation and Restoration Studies and Concept Development for the Monument-Appropriate Rehabilitation and Restoration-Conservation of the Facade of the Ermeler House

The core of this significant building on Breiten Weg likely dates back to the 16th century. Its palatial expansion followed in 1766-67. The facade, as it is seen today, was redesigned in the neoclassical style in 1804. The building was relocated from the former Breiten Weg to Märkisches Ufer over the New Year of 1966/67.

  1. Construction and reconstruction history and the relocation (translocation) of the building focusing on the north facade
  2. Inventory and condition assessment: Photographic and descriptive recording of the facade and individual elements, and condition assessment
  3. Photographic (comprehensive orthogonal capture)
  4. Damage mapping
  5. Restorative investigation of the facade focusing on the original version
  6. Repair and restoration concept for monument-appropriate refurbishment of the facade
  7. Service specifications and cost estimation for restoration and refurbishment

Berlin State Office for Monument Protection (LDA Berlin)




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